Mobilising, harmonising and incentivising forest biodiversity and environmental monitoring data through Web 3.0 technology

Forest-Web-3.0 is a BiodivERsA+-funded project that aims to leverage the power of modern technology to improve ecological research ánd environmental stewardship. 


In a world increasingly reliant on accessible and transparent data, the project aims to transform the way we understand and protect our precious forest ecosystems. Imagine a future where the wealth of knowledge about our natural world is just a click away, and ecosystem health can be tracked in real time. This we hope to make possible, thanks to the major strides forward that have been made in so-called Web 3.0 technologies, the brand new version of the internet. In short, Web 3.0 represents a vision for a more intelligent, decentralized, and user-centric internet, leveraging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to redefine the way we interact with information and services online.

Forest-Web-3.0 is not just a project; it’s a bold step towards a sustainable future where forest biodiversity data is not only accessible, but data- and land owners are appropriately credited for this. It is a future in which we can keep track in real time how our forests are performing, and how they are contributing to saving our planets, and appropriately reward those putting in the effort to do that. It is a future in which we unlock the potential of cutting-edge technologies to ensure a harmonious balance between human activities and the preservation of biodiversity.

This is Forest-Web-3.0. Forests gone digital.

Real-time monitoring of forest understory microclimate to track forest cooling capacity – a first necessary step towards Forest-Web-3.0.